Bathroom Redesign

In this case study you can see the redesign of a bathroom by a couple who had had their kitchen rebuilt by Internal Affairs.

We wanted to revamp (make the shower bigger) our en-suite.

We left a review last Nov 20 ref having our kitchen done and we said in that Internal Affairs will be the 1st company to call and get a quote to fit a new en-suite. We gave Cliff the go ahead early Jan 21 after he quoted and he started work early March 21. We were prepared to wait knowing Cliff’s standards and timekeeping. It took Cliff just over a week from start to finish and we are delighted with the end result, we should have done this years ago.

The way Cliff has redesigned the room he has given us a shower of a size we never thought possible. We would recommend Internal Affairs to anyone who is looking to have alterations done to their home